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My caterer has let me down at the last minute, can you cater for my event?

If you give us all of the details, we can see what we can do to help.

Unfortunately, we get a lot of calls and emails like this. Whilst they will probably never tell you the real reason, we think it could be one of the following:

They are new caterers and after working out their overheads (food stock, fuel to and from the venue, travelling time, gas bottles, petrol for generator, hire of the catering unit, staff wages etc) they have realised that they have not quoted you properly.

They took your event on when they had no other work, they have now been offered a more lucrative job, this particularly happens if your event is on a Saturday or Sunday in May, June, July, August or September when there are hundreds of public events running and a caterer can easily quadruple the amount of money they would typically earn at a wedding or private function.

There are a number of caterers who publish a mobile telephone number and no address, be very careful, if they let you down or don’t provide the service you have paid for, you have no way of finding them!