Caterers in Wokingham

In need of professional caterers in Wokingham? You have come to the right place! We at Food Lovers Delight specialise in mobile catering, having more than 20 years experience bringing different events fine cuisine and/or street food.

We use our expertise to cater to the needs of all events in and around London including Wokingham.

Why Choose Food Lovers Delight?

We at Food Lovers Delight take a lot of pride in the services we offer. If looking for the best caterers Wokingham has, then look no further! We go above and beyond to make your event as stress-free as possible.

We house a large variety of mobile food catering trailers and vans for you to choose from. With this being your event, we think it is only right that you have the chance to pick the kinds of vehicles that will be catering to your guests. Our caterers in Wokingham even provide catering marquee tents should you prefer a change from our trailer range plus a place to get out of the rain.

Our menus are extremely extensive. We ensure that we cater as much as possible to specific dietary requirements we have menus suitable for vegetarians, certain allergies and children with a picky appetite.

We at Food Lovers Delight take safety extremely serious.Health and safety assessments are carried out on all aspects surrounding the event that we are catering to ensure that our services cannot cause a hazard.

We are also insured for public, product and employer liability.

Event Catering

We are experts in catering for a number of different events with ease. Any other events caterers Wokingham can offer, are not up to this standard we cover birthdays, festivals, weddings, christenings the list goes on.

Some events may require a shelter that caters to the outdoors, and as already mentioned we also provide catering marquee tents if needed. Not only that, but we also provide chairs and tables to ensure comfort and relaxation for you and all your guests.

Whichever kind of event our caterers in Wokingham work on, we make sure that all food and drinks are prepared with care and professionalism for your guests to enjoy without any worries. Event catering with us can also be flexible we suit your number of guests, location and budget, doing what we can to make your event perfect.

Wedding Caterers

Your wedding day is arguably the most special day of your life, and we at Food Lovers Delight understand this. The organisation for wedding catering can be hectic, and so because of that we lighten the load and take responsibility once all facets are agreed. We make sure that everything in terms of catering goes perfectly for you your food is cooked to perfection and professionally served out to all guests with tremendous service from our caterers.

You have a choice of two kinds of dining experiences you can either benefit from phenomenal finger food or you can relax and enjoy a traditional, delicious sit-down meal. Its up to you!

If you have any kind of special theme in mind or specific requests for your big day, we are open to discussing them.

We are also open to discussing all budgets, which allows us to talk about what kind of services we can add to your special day.


To find out more about our caterers in Wokingham, call us today on 020 8810 7747.