Catering Trailers for Mobile Catering

Here at Food Lovers Delight, we have a wide variety of catering trailers for you to choose from. Our trailers for mobile catering are decorated to suit the type of food you serve and can easily be adapted to suit your requirements.

These catering trailers for mobile catering are available in a range of sizes, although most of them have 3 hatches which allow you to improve the service that your customers receive but to also keep the queue to a minimum. The mobile catering trailers usually have a stainless-steel counter which is sturdy and easy to clean.

If you're looking to maintain professionalism, you cannot go wrong with one of Food Lovers Delight's mobile catering trailers! Our trailers can help you to stand out from the rest by using the colours pink and raspberry; they're much more visible and eye-catching!

The mobile catering trailers are ideal for the serving of sweet and savoury foods, they are extremely flexible and have been designed innovatively. Our mobile catering trailers can provide a static illusion by applying the pelmet and skirt to the wheels, again ensuring that our catering business maintains a professional image.

Colour: Pink and Raspberry two tone exclusive design or Green Grass Colour

Length: Smallest 2.4m (8ft) Largest 6.7m (22ft)

Width: Smallest 1.8m (6ft) Largest 2.3m (7ft 6)

Height: 3.0m (10ft) approx

Serving Hatches: Small units have 1 hatch, larger units have 3 hatches

Signage: Retractable and Illuminated Roof Signs

Pelmets/Skirts: Matching pelmets and skirts on pink units to cover wheels and create a professional static look

Counters: Stainless steel

Equipment: Equipped to provide sweet and/or savoury foods

Catering trailers