Need Mobile Catering for your Party?

Having a party, but don't want to spend valuable time preparing food and doing the washing up afterwards?

Let us do the hard work for you, if you have the space we come along to your event with one of our staffed mobile catering trailers or mobile catering units, if space is an issue we can use a mobile catering marquee or other mobile catering equipment.

All food is freshly prepared on site, so you and your guests can see your food being cooked and enjoy the aroma.

Our aim is to compliment your event and therefore apart from some simple signage indicating what food is on offer, there are no unsightly graphics, images or writing on the mobile catering units.

Whether you are looking for a Buffet, a Burger, Chinese food or a mixture of different menus, Food Lovers Delight can help.

Visit our mobile catering menu page for a list of options available.