Vegan & Vegetarian Mobile Street Food Catering

Are you are planning an event that you need mobile street food catering for? It could be a wedding, Corporate event, festival, party etc. Whatever, the occasion, it is likely that some of your guests will require a Vegan or Vegetarian menu.

Our mobile street food catering menus also include options for Vegans and Vegetarians, therefore, you can rest assured that all your guests will be catered for with some tasty street food from one of our mobile catering trailers or mobile catering tents.

So what is a Vegan diet? Put simply it involves cutting out animal products such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs.

Vegetarians also do not eat animal products, meat and fish, however, vegetarians may eat dairy, honey and eggs, whereas a Vegan will not.

Times are changing and so are people's diets. According to the Vegan Society there are around 600,000 Vegans in Great Britain and the British Council say that there are over 3 million vegetarians in the UK.

These numbers are on the increase and the Vegan Society survey also found that the majority of the people were female, but it is also an option for many men.

There are also a lot of part time Vegans, who choose this diet because they are concerned about weight management, animal welfare and environmental concerns.

Healthy eating is increasing all of the time and many people may make the switch from part-time veganism to full time veganism, particularly as new and exciting food options are becoming more readily available.

The great news is that Vegetarian and Vegan food can be incorporated into many of our mobile catering street food menus, so everyone is included, we can offer a selection of meat free/plant based Burgers, Mexican Burritos, Chinese Noodles, Curries, Jacket Potatoes, Crepes, Paella, Meat free/plant based Sausages etc. All vegan and vegetarian food is cooked separately to meat products in our mobile catering and street food units.

There are new products coming onto the market all of the time, therefore, when you have decided what type of mobile street food catering menu you want for your event, let us know and we can tell you about all of the exciting vegan & vegetarian products that we can offer.

Visit our mobile catering menu page for further details on our street food & mobile catering menus or Contact us for a bespoke vegan and or vegetarian street food mobile catering menu and prices

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