Catering Marquee Tents


Choose Food Lovers Delight for any upcoming venues! We have an array of catering marquee tents that are perfect for when there is limited vehicle access and space available.

We can provide you with your own unique look or style by providing you with one of our catering marquee tents which are made to offer the highest quality. A catering marquee tent is extremely practical- you can join the marquees up together to create a food court or a shelter from the downpour. The use of a marquee is ideal for keeping flies away from food.

The catering marquee tents available are versatile. They allow you to meet all culinary delights by providing you with a pop-up solution. Food Lovers Delight ensures greater convenience, offering suitability for various types of food. The mobile catering marquee tents are clearly labelled too- making it easier for your customers to distinguish what products you sell, take the following for instance:

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